Watch out for A Conman in a Luxury Car if you are Selling Your Car in the UAE

If you live in the UAE, and especially in Dubai then you need to be careful while selling a car because a fraudster having a luxurious car Rolls-Royce is busy fraudulent deals with people of Dubai. He has been reported to make dozens of car sellers fool by paying them a dud check for cars he bought from them. In a recent incident, this man has deceived a person who was selling his car privately.  He succeeded to take his car without paying any money.

Here is the detailed story of the recent car incident in Dubai.

Recent Fraud Details

The name of the recent car victim is Mohammad Omar who is 28 years old and he is a resident of Dubai. According to him, he wanted to sell his car Mini Countryman 2014 for which he posted an ad on a classified website. He demanded a price of Dh120,000. After some days, he received a call from a person who wanted to buy his luxury car at the demanded price. Observing the keen interest of the caller to buy the car, Mohammad Omar agreed to meet him and fixed an appointment.

On the very next day, the man came for the meeting accompanied by another man. Later, he introduced the other man as his younger brother. He told his name as Abdulrahaman Al Falasi. He also boasted of belonging to a rich family. He told Mohammad Omar (car seller) that he wanted to buy the car for his brother. He also said that he was in hurry because he had to leave for Umra. He wanted to finalize the deal urgently, so he asked Mohammad Omar to receive a cheque and handover the car. At start, Mohammad Omar didn’t agree but he convinced him later. Mohammad Omar took him at a showroom and completed all paperwork and handed over the car.

The reality of the fraudster was revealed on the next day when Mohammad Omar visited the bank to receive the amount. The bank informed him that cheque issuer account had already been closed and similar incident had occurred with another man who also lost his car to the fraudster in same way. This is how the conman took the luxurious car of Mohammad Omar without paying a single Dirham.

Selling car through Classifieds and Unregistered Dealership is risky

Undoubtedly, selling a luxury car or any other type of car through classifieds and other options of private selling is full of risks and should not be the first choice for few little benefits like saving the commission of dealers. There is a big risk of fraud involved when you sell cars through classifieds and unregistered dealerships. There is need to verify the buyer’s identity and choosing a secure payment mode is also essential. You also shouldn’t hand over the car until the payment is received. To avoid all the complication while selling a car, it is very important to hire services of a recognized car buying company who handles all the paperwork and pays good value for your car. Professional car dealers are also a safe option to sell car.