Best Luxury Cars to Buy in 2016

Luxurious cars always catch the eye of rich and elite car buyers. Luxurious cars are named luxurious because of their exceptional characteristics, stunning features and enthralling capabilities. They are the favorite category of cars not only for common people but for many celebrities worldwide. The lavish interior, classy exterior and technical supremacy of these cars make them the first choice of majority of people. It is very important to have some information about the latest and best luxury cars if you are a luxury car lover and wish to have one soon for yourself. We have reviewed here five of the top luxury cars to aware everyone about the best in the business luxury cars for this year.

List of Best Luxury Cars 2016

Mercedes S- Class Cars

Mercedes S luxury car

Mercedes S-Class represents top class luxurious cars with stunning design and excellent performance features. The classic and comfortable interior offers you world class luxurious features such as massaging seats of leather and leg room etc. Mercedes S-class has intelligent drive system with advance technological system offering smooth and secure drive. S-Class is offered in diesel and hybrid engine versions. Mercedes S-Class cars are known to be one of the best luxurious cars in the world. The varying vehicles of Mercedes S- Class fall in price range of $78, 571 to $208,491.

Range Rover Autobiography

Range Rover Autobiography luxury 2016

Range Rover occupies a dominant place in manufacturing of luxurious SUV’s. The company promises to provide refinement and craftsmanship in their luxury vehicles. Range Rover SUV’s are made to provide comfortable off- road drive. Range Rover Autobiography model got launched recently and it is a high performance luxurious SUV. It has powerful 5- liter V8 supercharged engine producing torque of 680 Nm. The Price of this luxurious vehicle is near $200, 000.

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne best luxury vehicle

Bentley Mulsanne has a remarkable history in making of sporty luxurious cars. The cars from Bentley are best combination of speed, performance and luxury. The iconic Bentley Mulsanne is one of the best choices in luxurious cars category for year 2016. With its impressive design and powerful 6.75- liter twin turbo charged engine, it provides excellent drive. You can buy this luxurious car in various colors. It can be bought in price range of $306, 425- $338, 325 for its various versions.

Jaguar XJ

best luxury jaguar XJ

British automobile brand Jaguar XJ is all about power, exclusivity and class. The luxury saloon is made up of aluminum. The sharp looks and aggressive design offers an immense driving pleasure. With advance technology and inner elegance, Jaguar unfolds performance and excellence for its passengers. Further, enhanced safety features allow you to travel securely with your family in every journey. The price for Jaguar XJ is below $95,000 for its base version.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost Best Luxury Cars

The design for Rolls-Royce Ghost is simple and elegant. It is one of the most advanced and best luxury cars ever built by the company which offers luxurious and matchless driving experience to its customers. The interior of Rolls-Royce Ghost looks very classic and soothing. This luxurious car is available at the market price less than $300,000.