7 Useful Tips to Maintain Luxury Cars

Luxury cars boast impressive performance and striking appeal, which makes it a vehicle of choice for car buyers in the UAE. These vehicles are expensive and demand regular maintenance from their owners. Both used and brand-new luxury cars are needed to be kept in good shape so that their luxurious appeal and resale value are never lost.

Even the most expensive luxury cars in the world are prone to aging and deterioration and this is why their regular cleaning and maintenance is a must. Especially with aging, luxury vehicles tend to lose their luster and this is why you should take measures to save them from depreciation. Following are some useful tips that you can use to keep your luxury cars maintained:

Use of High-quality Products

The most important thing about luxury cars is that these require the best maintenance products as the materials, parts and surfaces that you are maintaining are of high grade. For instance, a luxury car uses fine leather upholstery while the regular cars do not feature such high-quality materials. Therefore, the generic cleaners can be good for regular cars but for the premium upholstery of a luxury car, you will need special leather care products. Similarly, for engine, body, exterior and interior of your luxury vehicle you should use premium quality products.

The use of high-quality products is also important for keeping the vehicle in its best shape as these materials will save your luxury car from wear and tear to ensure its long life. It is always better to talk to professionals first and then decide on the products that can yield the best results.

Regular Car wash

The materials like dust and rubber can deteriorate the veneer of a car’s paint if it is not washed on a regular basis. Secondly, the detailing is also important for keeping the luxurious appeal of your vehicle intact. Detailing is helps upholding the stylish appeal and the performance of your car and keeps it in its best shape. These practices can be performed at home or you can get the professional car wash and maintenance services to get the job done.

Regular Car wash

In case, you do not want to get into the hassle of washing your car yourself, you can always consider taking the help of a professional car wash service. This will cost you a little but this expense will be much lesser than the one you will have to pay if your car gets out of its shape.

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Check Car Engine Oil

In any case, driving even the most expensive luxury cars in the world with a malfunctioning engine is not at all safe. The carelessness regarding the lubrication of the mechanical parts of your car can lead to big expenses, which can be avoided by checking the car engine oil every few weeks. Read the recommendations on the user manual to learn how to check the engine oil of your car.

Keep the Tyers Inflated

Tyers are an essential part of all kinds of cars and there should be no carelessness in keeping these maintained. The changing weather and the disuse of a car are the major reasons for the deterioration of its tyers. Both these conditions can lead to a situation where you are stuck on a highway due to a flat or damaged tyer. To avoid a troublesome and challenging situation on the road that includes sudden tyer burst and severe accidents keep the tyers of your car inflated. Therefore, you need to keep the tyers of your luxury car inflated and make sure that you get it checked immediately whenever you feel the need to avoid any mishaps.

Keep the Tyers Inflated

Replace Batteries

Even the most expensive luxury car in the world can get out of shape and lose its performance capabilities if it does not receive regular maintenance. The major cause of car breakdowns is faulty, old or flat batteries as these are fatal for the health of the functioning of your car. So, make sure that the terminals of the battery are unblemished and tightly screwed. In addition to this, you have to ensure that its electrolytes are full and use distilled water in case there are not full. If your battery is three years or more old, then you should consider replacing it to avoid unpleasant circumstances.

Replace Batteries

Check the Functionality of Brakes

The modern-day luxury cars have been designed to ensure uncompromised safety of its occupants. The brakes of your car have the utmost importance when it comes to the safety of your vehicle and passengers. The importance of the functional brakes can be realized by considering the unpredictable situations in which you have to apply brakes suddenly. Instead of putting yourself and others at risk, make sure that your brakes are functional to get you safely through a challenging road situation.

Keep It Well-lubricated

The smooth working of all the parts of your luxury cars can be ensured by keeping the mechanical parts of the engine and other parts of the vehicle lubricated. If the engine of luxury car is not working smoothly, then it should be replaced for ensuring high-performance of the vehicle.

A car that is not lubricated in time, will not be able to deliver a smooth driving experience as the health of the mechanical parts of your engine will be affected. You must keep in mind the recommendations in the user manual to ensure the optimum performance of your car.


If followed with a commitment, the above- mentioned tips are very effective in keeping a luxury car in its best shape.  All the owners of luxury cars must keep in mind that the huge investment they have made by buying their cars can become a great expense in case they ignore the maintenance practices. If the owners of luxury cars do not adhere to the maintenance guidelines, they will have to face harmful and unprofitable consequences. The best way to keep your luxury cars in good shape and sell car free through an online platform, is to take some important measures that are highly recommended by the professionals. You have to make sure that the products that you choose to keep your car maintained are of the highest quality. Secondly, you have to ensure that you wash your car regularly to keep its paint safe from deterioration. In addition to this, you have to make sure that your car is well-lubricated and its engine is working fine. You also have to take care of the batteries, tires and the brakes of your luxury car to prolong its life and enhance its performance. Therefore, the luxury cars needed to be maintained and kept clean for optimum performance and higher resale value.