2021 Bentley Flying Spur – Luxurious Large Sedan with Twin-Turbocharged Engines

The 2021 Bentley Flying Spur is the premium large sedan in the highly competitive segment of the luxury car brands. Bentley is among the best luxury car brands that has reestablished its brand identity with the 2021 Flying Spur. This advanced Sedan offers a unique combination of modern craftmanship and dynamic performance. With its latest driver-assistance systems, state-of-the-art safety technologies and contemporary design, the Bentley Flying Spur standout among all luxury car brands. The exhilarating performance is enriched by its twin-turbocharged engines, ensuring a stress free and pleasurable driving experience.

Some of the standout safety features of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spurs include Vehicle Stability Control System, engine Check Warning, parking and crash sensors, Anti-Lock Braking System. In addition, there are major driver-assistance technologies that can ensure smooth drivability of the car on challenging terrain such as automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and Standard forward-collision warning with pedestrian detection.

The Bentley Flying Spur delivers an exceptional performance, all-thanks to its 6.0 litre W12 engine, making the captivating vehicle the best among the luxury brand cars. The striking looks, leading-edge safety features and outstanding performance capabilities of this Bentley vehicle make it one of the most-sought after car luxury brands.

The balanced proportions, sculpted form and sharp lines, make the Bentley luxury sedan a standout vehicle among the luxury car brands. The dynamic exterior of the first-edition Bentley Flying Spur boasts a commanding presence with its huge verticle-slat grille, massive alloy wheels and attractive headlights. The refined and sophisticatedly crafted interior of the 2021 Flying Spur personifies elegance, luxury and class, making Bentley one of the best luxury car brands.

Here is a detailed car review of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur available in the UAE with a closer look at its safety features, performance, design and a lot more.  

Design of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

The signature craftmanship of the all-new Bentley Flying Spur coupled with stunning exterior element enhance its unique appeal. The elegantly sculpted exterior of the large sedan features balanced-proportion body with sharp lines, that enhance its commanding presence among all luxury car brands. On the inside, this luxury large sedan offers a refined and sophisticated designed view that takes the commuting experience of the passengers to an entirely new level.

Design of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur


One of the most powerful Flying Spur of the range, the 2021 Bentley vehicle once again set a mark for other luxury car brands. The sporty front-fascia of the luxury sedan has been equipped with a new vertical vane matrix grille that has the cut-crystal effect headlamps on both sides.  With its perfectly balanced proportions crafted with finest materials ensure that style matches substance in the powerful Bentley Flying Spur. The elegant exterior profile of one of the best vehicles among luxury brand cars features, massive grille, B-Shaped LED taillights, and muscular fenders.

Exterior of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

Aggressive yet aesthetic appeal of the Bentley Flying Spur has been augmented with its sleek design and a 19-inch alloy wheels as standard. One of the best among all luxury car brands, the Bentley luxury sedan also comes with an optional new illuminating Flying B mascot. The captivating Bentley Flying Spur is available with multiple customization options such as the exclusive new 21-inch ten twin spoke alloy wheels, and 22-inch wheel with the Mulliner Driving Specification.

The luxury sedan is available with standard palette of 17 colors that can be widened more colors with its extended range.


The premium and luxurious interior of the all-new Bentley Flying Spur creates a comfortable and sophisticated environment for the occupants. The refined blend of the finest quality materials in the redesigned cabin of one of the best luxury car brands, has been equipped with quilted leathers and knurled metals. The harmonious cabin of the luxury sedan has been laced with state-of-the-art convenience features and technologies. One of the premium sedans among the luxury car brands comes fitted with new long console four seat configuration, offering space and comfort for both front and rear passengers and a full-size panoramic sunroof with Alcantara blinds. In addition, the cabin of the premium sedan features a wide dashboard with horizontal wood veneer that extends into the doors panels, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of one of the best luxury brand cars.

Interior of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

On the tech front, the Bentley Flying Spur comes with a heating, ventilation, multi-mode massage, adjustable bolsters, top tilt and leathered seats. Additionally, the cabin of the luxury vehicle offers a wide range of technologies that include a 12.3-inch screen on one of the three sides of the rotating display, three analogue dials (showing outside temperature, chronometer, and compass), wireless charging and two USB sockets, ambient lighting with seven colors, a new touch screen remote for rear passengers, Built-in sat-nav, Bluetooth, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Interior of 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

Performance of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

The 2021 Bentley Flying Spur offers a sophisticated and exhilarating driving experience by delivering a breathtaking performance with its W12 engine, which makes it one of the most sough-after luxury car brands. This high-performance engine has been paired with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Performance of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur

The luxury sedan comes with powerful 6.0 litre W12 engine producing 626 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque. This engine enables the luxury coupe to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and have a top speed of 333 km/h.

Safety Features

The 2021 Bentley Flying Spur is not only high on performance, but it also makes no compromise on safety and comfort of the passengers, making it a standout vehicle among all luxury car brands. This luxury large sedan has been packed with a wide variety of safety features and driver-assistance technologies that make it one of the safest and most advanced vehicles in the segment.

Here are some of the latest safety features and driver-assistance systems of 2021 Bentley Flying Spur:

  • Pedestrian Warning,
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Traction control with Engine Drag Torque Control
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind-spot Warning
  • Head-up Display
  • Lane Assist
  • ABS/EBD brakes
  • Top View and Rear Camera
  • Speed Sensitive Power Steering
  • Park Assist
  • Traffic Sign Recognition,
  • Dual Front, Side and Rear Airbags
  • Front/Rear Park Distance Control
  • Exit warning
  • Pedestrian Warning
  • Rear cross-traffic alert

Price of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur in the UAE

Price of the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur in the UAE

The 2021 Bentley Flying Spur is a luxury large Sedan that has been designed to grab the attention of onlookers. The refined exterior design, premium interior, advanced safety technologies and high-performance engine make it an outstanding vehicle among luxury car brands. The powerful luxury sedan, the 2021 Bentley Flying Spur is available for sale in the UAE car market with the starting price of the AED 1,069,000 that can go higher with optional features and technologies selected.