2017 Genesis G90 – All Ready to Set A New Definition for Luxury Cars

Hyundai Motor Company made an announcement on November 4, 2015 and its major headline was to introduce Genesis as a separate division of luxury cars. It was not an abrupt decision by Hyundai to make an individual lineup for a different class of cars in any way.

This decision was based on many factors such as successful business marked by the previous luxury cars and of course because of the huge car buyers’ demand for cars that featured the badge of Genesis.

After the successful launch of Genesis G80, the company of these brand new luxury cars proudly rebranded the previous Hyundai Equus as Genesis G90. The successor model of Hyundai Equus, Genesis G90, does not differ much from its base model, however, it gives a perfect impression for the absolute combination of design and power in a more efficient way.

Below is a brief review of the 2017 Genesis G90 with its key features as a main focus.

One of the Brand new Luxury Cars of the Year – 2017 Genesis G90

Although the car and the brand may be new to the car buyers all over the world, this has not stopped Genesis from creating a wonderful luxury sedan. All the innovation in the design of this car is their way to show the people that Genesis is all ready to take over this car segment. 2017 Genesis G90 is the positive result of one such effort by car manufacturers. This ravishing masterpiece is a perfect blend of refined design, luxury attributes and latest safety technologies.

One of the Brand new Luxury Cars of the Year - 2017 Genesis G90

Design Characteristics of One of the Latest Luxury Cars – 2017 Genesis G90

2017 Genesis G90 carries a unique design of styling that is labelled under the design identity of “Athletic Elegance.” The exclusive body style gives this car the confidence to beat the other competitive cars in the car market.

Design Characteristics of One of the Latest Luxury Cars – 2017 Genesis G90

The aesthetic look of the exterior of the most expensive luxury cars in the world is made possible with the thoughtful yet efficient approaches. Such as for Genesis G90, the credit for the appealing look of its exterior is all thanks to the usage of chrome elements.

Moreover, on the rear side of the car, a perfectly balanced layout exists between the exhaust tips from the lower bumper and vertical LED taillights. The other premium design features are:

The artistic design of sharp lines on its exterior is a great help to give the car a dynamic profile. All the supporting design features of 2017 Genesis G90 are aimed to reduce the drag coefficient and thus make the car to lead with speed as well as style on the road.

Available Multiple Powertrain Options for Powerful Performance

There could be many factors about a car that make it one of the most expensive luxury cars in the world and its powertrain is one of those factors. The two available options for the powerful performance are clear depiction of the diverse performance of the vehicle.

Available Multiple Powertrain Options for Powerful Performance

2017 Genesis G90 gives you the freedom to choose from the following two gasoline engines:

  • A 3.3-litre, direct-injected, V6 engine that can produce 365 horsepower at 6,000 RPM
  • A 5.0-litre, direct-injected, V8 engine that can produce 420 horsepower at 6,000 RPM

Both the variants of engine are designed so to give not only the outstanding performance characteristics, but to enhance the durability factors as well. Furthermore, the more efficient and lighter 8-speed automatic transmission system conveniently provides the better drivability factors.

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Intelligent Drive Modes

The powertrains of 2017 Genesis G90 allow the driver to select the preferable mode for driving the following four available modes.

  • Eco
  • Smart
  • Sport
  • Individual

Intelligent Drive Modes

Each of these modes is operated on the different sets and ranges of driving features i.e. throttle responsiveness, transmission mapping, suspension, steering control etc. With the activation of each mode, the sensor analyzes the terrain and other driving data and changes the driving dynamics accordingly.

The 2017 Genesis G90 has been distinguished as one of the most expensive luxury car in the world as it also facilitates the driver with an exciting driving experience.

Advanced Safety Features Help the Driver to Drive Confidently

The keen interest of engineers towards the development of technology has benefited the car buyers, as it features some of the superior safety technologies that make the road even safer place for the driver as well as for the pedestrians. The High Strength Steel structure is capable to give maximum protection to the driver and passengers in the worst case scenarios. The other advanced safety features it includes are:

Advanced Safety Features Help the Driver to Drive Confidently

  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Pre-Active Seat Belt
  • Haptic Steering Wheel
  • Smart Cruise Control
  • Smart Blind Spot Detection
  • Driver Attention Alert

Advanced Safety Features Help the Driver to Drive Confidently

Brand new luxury cars like Genesis G90 have the tendency to give the utmost level of comfort and convenience. The feeling of comfort comes when one feels safe enough in a car. This is why Genesis built the latest model that featured the 11 standard features and many optional safety features as well. There is absolutely left nothing to worry about when the responsibility of the safety is in safe hands of extremely talented engineers.

2017 Genesis G90 Makes the Future of Genesis Even Brighter

Despite of Genesis being a new car company in the market of automotive market of luxury cars, it has yet left a striking impression to many car enthusiasts. The latest model of 2017 Genesis G90 is its self-speaking proof that outdid many popular recently launched models.

2017 Genesis G90 Makes the Future of Genesis Even Brighter

The car is not merely resilient in structure, but has truly represented an immaculate design with the powerful engine options. We hope that Genesis continues to give more of such fascinating drives in the coming years!