2017 Audi A8 L – Luxury Car with Superior Design and Features

Audi is one of the most popular automotive company and they have unveiled one of the top luxury cars of the year, the 2017 Audi A8 L. The luxury sedan A8 seemed to provide a flawless design that conveniently has proven to be a standout amongst many luxury cars.

Whether it is about design or performance, it has flourished really well in every aspect leading to a significant appreciation from the car enthusiasts all over the world. This luxury model is the result of few successful innovations and clearly, its style statement speaks for itself.

The Top Luxury Cars – Capable of Doing Many Wonders

This famous car brand has ensured to take care of its clients’ desires by developing a look of confidence in their cars. To provide a fully controlled traction, Audi A8 is designed with all-wheel drive to bring maximum control to the driver.

Performance Features

Just like many top luxury vehicles, Audi A8 has two powerful engines for the clients to choose from. One of which is a turbocharged V8 engine that gives an efficient power output of 450 horsepower. A turbocharged engine is basically installed to provide a better performance as well as better fuel economy.

Not just it, all the driving dynamics such as steering and suspension, transmission shifts etc. are now ready to perform according to your command. This is how Audi has succeeded in finding its way among its competitors by providing the car buyers an ultimate power to own the road.

Accessible Facilities

The driver center cockpit mainly features an MMI Navigation Plus system that includes Audi connect. It has many facilities such as Google Map with 3D satellite imagery, Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 people’s devices, traffic information and much more.

How Safe Are You in Audi A8?

The top luxury brand cars like Audi always tend to please their car buyers by providing them a safe and secured ride.

Park with the Help of Cameras

2017 Audi A8 L has many advanced safety technologies and features. Parking Assist System is one of the more popular safety technology that helps you park your car without a chance of collision. It is equipped with advanced sensors as well as cameras that help you to see the foresight and hindsight spots of the area.

Three Particular Safety Modes

Just like many top luxury brands cars, this luxury sedan features other safety assist systems as well including Adaptive Cruise Control System that helps you while driving. During a drive, you are facilitated with three prominent sensors i.e.

  • Audi Pre-Sense: It is a sensor installed in your car to facilitate you with all kind of warning signs e.g. audible, visual and physical.
  • Audi Side Assist: It assists you with two kinds of sensors, i.e. optical and radar sensors and thus makes you aware of those cars that are in your blind spot. It is not merely an alert system but also helps you to take some precautionary measures as well.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: The adaptive cruise control built in Audi A8 L helps to stop or to accelerate the car according to road conditions.

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Head-up Display

Just like Audi, many top luxury car companies have been struggling to produce cars that would make the safety of drivers its top most priority. Audi A8 L is also one such luxury sedan that is not only equipped to provide comfort, but exceptionally manage the driver’s safety.

Its head-up display has the capability to project three of the following features right onto the windshield:

  • Speed of the Car
  • Navigation Route
  • Driver Assist System

A Cheerful Drive with BOSE Surround Sound System in Audi A8

Top luxury vehicles, like Audi A8 L, are supposed to be manufactured in every best possible aspect whether it is about performance, safety or about entertainment unit. Those who are both music as well as car enthusiasts, Audi A8 might be a right choice for them.

It is has high quality subwoofer with 14-Speaker Audio System that is definitely going to make one think that how amazing it feels to enjoy the clarity of music.

Our Opinion!

This aluminum-framed light-weight luxury sedan is set to be sold at the price of $82,500. There might be much more critique about the top luxury cars like Audi A8 L out there, but Audi introduced it as  a model that features latest innovative technologies. It is a good vehicle to consider as it is most likely going to be replaced by 2018 S8 model.